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Talk-8: Opening of Think Tank Nepal
Think Tank Nepal, Talk-8, is happening today on 25th jan,2018 at Hotel Himalaya, Lalitpur   facilited by HIDR Nepal, in association with  ICT partner MIC Nepal. It is on the topic adressing social barriers to Women’s Economic Empowerment. This is one of the 8th Talk Series of council of Thinkers.

Council of thinkers is a huge network established in 2015 by Indu Tuladhar and her other colleagues including Dr. Bhandari. The main idea behind COT is to organize policy level resources in the discussion to provide policy level feedback to the government and help all stake holders to help that policy execute in Nepal.

Basically, there will be a guest speaker and 2 other speakers speaking in the given  topic: “A Policy Dialogue on  social Barriers to Women’”. Everybody has to listen to the speaker and know what s/he has researched in that topic. After that, each respected personalities will be requested to ask question or give their suggestion/opinion to discuss  on that topic. Person, who is suggesting or answering the question will be given 10-12 minute.

Posted: 01-24-2018 9:25 PM by Shrijana phanju