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One of the participant, Mr. Basudev Kafle. He had some of  the issues in the field of Feminism of Agriculture. He had once shared about Feminism in social media, what he found was people were often involved in off farming activities but he suggested that there should be a policy of changing the off farming to out of the agriculture field as well. Because people cannot rely only on agriculture their whole lives. They need an alternative for their survival.

Rakshya Sharma,employee of DanChurchAid.She tends to call herself as Agriculturist.While talking about the economic employment barriers of women,women are prone to get involved in Value Chain. But, the number of women engaged in Value Chain like middlemen, brokers, wholesalers may not have been calculated by any practitioner.She emphasizes mostly on the fact that women are visualized as a male recipient.This has been affecting the women empowerment. In the field of Information Communication Channel, women should not only be the users but also the ones being empowered. Also, she insists to translate the work done by women in which they are expert into an enterprise.

“Why not make them professional and expert in the particular field?”

She emphasizes on this question and stated that less focus has been given onto it.

Last but not the least, since it has been in the federal structure, the needs of grass root women through network should be provided to the local bodies of thematic committee. Furthermore, this gives the information of how much employment opportunity is provided to women and various processes, programs and budgets are allocated resulting empowering of women.

Another participant of the discussion forum, the knowledge that women have needs to be recognized, promoted and their skills need to be connected in the enterprise.In his view, the documentation by Dr. Anoj Chettri which has the challenges and problems in the backend but the participant how do we tackle with those problems. More priority should be given to solve the problems. That he wants to improvise in the final document of A POLICY DIALOGUE ON WOMEN’S ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT with bridging of the problems.

Mr. Som Prasad Bhandari,Advisor of Rastriya Bhumi Adhikar Munch is grateful to the organizers and he adds that Rastriya Bhumi Adhikar Munch,has a motive to encourage the agriculture production, the rights of the farmer. The main focus we must have on is “How can we empower women?” 


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