Success and youTH

“Youths are the building block of our nation”, this phrase is true and applicable to no matter which ever the country is. Youths help the nation grow so if the youths are stronger, our nation itself becomes stronger.  Youth is a program that helps in the gradual growth of the youths of our country. I believe if I indulge myself as a youth, I become successful because that will mean I will get a chance to stand up for my country.

As a kid, I used to be very shy and introvert and on top of that I had a mass addressing phobia. I used to be happy in the zone that I created and I never tried to step out of it. When I enrolled college, everything was different: the environment, friends. During those times, I had a friend who was never nervous to go on the stage and speak and I really envied her. Once I thought to myself that I cannot be in the comfort zone forever, there will be a time I need to step up and talk and by just envying I won’t get anywhere. So I decided to join personality development classes, learnt few things on how to present and all but at the end of the day it was all upon me on how I dealt with my fear. I have tried a lot from that day and till today I have emceed a lot of programs. I think youth program will help me with actually stepping out of that fear, as it involves a lot of volunteering and mass addressing. If I get to completely step out from my fears that will be my first step to success itself.

 Youth program also gives us the opportunity to make new friends and come out from the small circle of friends that we cannot even go to the washroom without. I believe youth program helps a person to step out of the box and get comfortable with the most uncomfortable situation itself which helps in the personal growth of a person.  Youth program also helps a person to grow internally and helps them in decision making and problem solving methods. The youth program also helps a person to be independent and helps us in teaching us the time management which all in turns are very important features to be successful.

The word successful does not always have to mean someone with name and fame but a person who has achieved everything he/she has dreamt of is successful an I have always dreamt of helping my country through my studies someday. So, even if as a youth I cannot earn name and fame I still will be a successful person.

Posted: 08-22-2018 2:55 PM by tanusha

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