Cyber Security


Social Medias can do wonders: it can make someone’s life within few hours but at the same time take someone’s life. Social Medias have now become a daily part of the youngsters’ lifestyle; the first thing that almost everyone scrolls through every morning is social Medias. The craze for social media has been increasing every year. About 600,000 Facebook accounts are created everyday which pretty much sums up the current social media world we live in.

Social Media now-a-days have become more of a site where people try to show their lifestyle rather than sites which help in socializing with people around the globe. This generation has come to an era where people tend to click a picture of almost everything to have an active social media site, where cell phones are firstly raised before the spoons and forks no matter how hungry they are. Social Medias tend to affect a lot of life since they are almost everything we surf during our working hours.

The power of social media is indeed enormous. Social Medias are faster and have big reach. They are easier to access and also lets us connect beyond the borders. Even though internet and Social Media have vast advantages but it drags us to addiction and a lot of risks and threats.

Addiction is known as the state of mind where someone is very dependent on something and is devoted to that activity. A research has shown that online internet games and use of a lot of social media sites leads to release of a chemical known as Dopamine which leads to addiction. Addiction might not seem big of a deal to a lot of users but addiction leads to a lot of impacts which include failure, frustration, loss if time and neglecting basic need.

There are other risks and threats of internet and Social Medias which include sexting, cyber bullying, offline sexual abuse, sextortion, violence and online child sexual abuse and exploitation. Social Medias are not as good as we thought them to be. A lot of teenagers tends to suicide or are led to depression and anxiety due to this dark world that Social Sites have created.

Thanks to the cyber security training at Unlimited by Child Safe Net I got a chance to peek through the dark world of the Social Media. The training was very effective and taught me a lot of things that I never knew of. Mr. Anil Raghuvanshi Sir, gave us knowledge about every possible risks and on how to prevent them. I came across threats that I didn’t even know about, one of them is cyber grooming.


Sir also briefly went across the legal provisions regarding cyber security that a lot of us are not even aware of. People tend to keep quite through the bullying and abuse online because they still don’t know about the different provisions that are included in our constitution. Some of the provisions include:

        I.            Optional protocol

      II.            Convention 182

    III.            Children’s act-2048

    IV.            Electronic transactions act-2063

      V.            Electronic transactions act regulations-2064

Even though being an IT student, we were unaware of the legal provisions that are in our country that is why it is very necessary we spread the information and make sure each one of us is aware of the actions we can take when in situations like cyber abuse and other cybercrimes.

Firstly, it is very necessary to be cautious online because “we are our own warriors online”. Friend requests from the strangers should not be accepted and in terms of any cyber bullying or abuse it is very necessary we talk to our elders or trusted person. We can easily report and block the person if they are bullying us in anyway. It is very necessary to be cautious online as “precaution is better than cure” and “never blame yourself for the cyber abuse”. Sometimes we may get into the bait and get abused. So, what should you do if you are abused?

        I.            First things first, it is very necessary to be strong and brave and remember that you are not guilty.

      II.            Keeping a proof of the abuse is another necessary part.

    III.            Talking to parents, teachers or any trusted friend is very necessary.

    IV.            Contact a child helpline number (1098) if necessary.

Internet might seem bed of roses, with everything nice but it has thrones to it and it is very necessary that we are cautious online; and that we treat our passwords like tooth brushes that are not to be shared with anybody and are to be changed every month. Before sharing any information online to a stranger it is very vital that we remember “internet does not forget and neither does it forgive.”




Posted: 08-24-2018 1:37 PM by tanusha