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August 2011 - Posts

With Photography techniques whole day

Kathmandu / 26 August

It was really an exciting and memorable event conducted by Microsoft Innovation Center, Nepal for Microsoft Student Partners 2012 for training them on the digital photography. I too being an MSP 2012 was a part of the program. As I had registered the seats for the program on the previous day, I reached the venue at about 10:30 AM. for the program to be started at 11:00 AM. After reaching the venue, I registered and waited for the program to start.


Puskal with his SLR camera

The program then started with the brief describtion and a wonderful video designed by former MSPs with Raju sir. At first when we were hearing about MTAs and other MS Certification I thought that the program was something else but not the photography training. But finally the program came to the track after Raju sir with Alok sir (a proffesional photographer). He gave the knowledge about various techniques about improving the shot of the camera. We came to learn about the ISO that is the sensitivity of the camera, the shutter speed, and othe various terms. I came to find out that our normal camera (pocket cameras) also called point and shoot cameras don't have many functions for the photography. I even learned to snap in the low light by decreasing the shutter speed and increasing the ISO. Similarly we learnt to snap of fast moving objects by increasing the shutter speed. An amazing thing I found is that the image quality wont decrease if zooming is done well in a camera by keeping it on a tripoid. Similarly we came to know about learning the use of filters infront of lens for particular situation like UV filters for not affecting the image by Ulta voilet rays and others. It was really exciting that among 9 objects to be named we can name only 8 but 9th was the jacket that Alok sir was wearing. Finally the photography training was over and we had the hot coffee.Panaroma of the hall created by me

Then Allen Sir entered the hall in the herioc role. He briefly discussed about the programs for us and our college fellows. He too gave us the letter of confirmation to submit to college to every college's MSPs. We finally had an funny introduction of each other, submitted the feedback form and left the hall about 5:30 PM.Ozaswi with her camera clicking.......

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About MSDNAA ELMS Account

We may have seen the various software products are mostly cracked and non licensed. The main issue goes to the Operating system too that we use on our PCs which is "WINDOWS and other Microsoft server Operating systems. In context of Nepal many people buy a bootable compact disk for operating system and buy the compact disks for other application containing the setup.exe to install in their PCs. But what I am going to say here is "Is this the right thing to do?" In my view it's just like stealing others property. Now there may arise a question then what to do if it is not a good work.

My answer can be if you are the proffesional and job holder, then you can pay to Microsoft for getting the Genuine keys of the product you want to get. But if you are a student then you have a chance to be in the Microsoft's ELMS portal.   Remember you should be the student from Science, Technology Engineering Mathematics and Designing to access the portal.

Accessing the ELMS portal

You have two ways to access this portal. First is one through the Microsoft's college representative at your college and the second one is registering from Microsoft Innovation Center by proving that you are student of mentioned faculty.


  1. After you submit your Email to the Microsoft representative or innovation center, then you will be notified into your mailbox with the user name and password for the portal.
  2. Go to http://msdn70.e-academy.com/unlimit_mdpsig and login with the user name and password on the email.
  3. Now you will be able to access the Microsoft's products and their keys.

!! Remember: This portal is only for learning purpose not for commercial purpose

"Be the registered software user and discourage the software piracy."

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