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September 2011 - Posts

Password Reset disk in Windows 7

What will you do if you forget the password of your user account or administrator in Windows 7?

The simplest answer may be if you are user you may log in to the administrator and change the password. If you are administrator then you might re-install the operating system. But re-installing operating system is not the actual solution for this.

What is password reset disk?

It's a flash disk or floppy which is used to reset the password of the computer administrator or user in case if you forget it.

How to create password reset disk?

To create a password reset disk in windows 7 follow these steps

step 1 go to control panel

Step 2: Select user account

Select create password reset link


Select the media or disk which you want to make password reset disk.


go next


give the current password of your user account.


go next


do finish


you are then done with creating a password reset disk for your user account.





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Sky drive (an alternative for your flash drive)

We have been using the flash drives for various purposes like carrying files from one place to another. But what if your flash drive got lost with some very much important data or files with it. You may not have any option except to regret. But now there is no need to regret if you really use windows live services which includes a special cloud space interface named "sky drive".

What is a Sky drive?

It's an online file storing system that allows you to have 25GB of space online where you can upload the files that are important for you as well as you can share the files to others too.

Features of Sky drive.

  • Directly upload Office documents and photos within Hotmail, store them on Windows Live SkyDrive, and share them with other users
  • Directly save Office documents within Hotmail to Windows Live SkyDrive, and view or edit these documents directly within the web browser
  • Allow Hotmail users to edit Office documents within the web browser using Office Web Apps, and reply directly back to the sender with the edits made.

Why use sky drive?

In sky drive we don't have to worry about the loss of data since this is an online storage media. We too can access the documents from online web applications like office word, excel etc though we don't have installed them in our PC. So use "Sky drive" as a backup for your important files.

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Making your Windows 7 genuine.

You might have got the trial version of windows. The trial version expires after a certain period and displays a message stating that the Windows is not genuine as follows:

Now lets see the steps of making the windows genuine from the trial version.

First give a right click on the Computer and see the properties

scroll down to the bottom of the window to see the genuineness status of your system.

If trial period is gone. It will display "You must activate today" 

Select activate now.

Type a different product key.

Give the administrator credentials and type the product key you achieve from MSDNAA ELMS service.

Go next.

After a while the copy of the Window 7 you are using gets genuine.

Be sure that you have internet connections during the activation.

For MSDNAA ELMS using please refer  About MSDNAA ELMS

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Neither wrong nor right

Being an human we can distinguish what is  wrong and what is right. But here I am talking on such a aspect that is neither wrong nor right. It was the "Digital Citizenship training conducted by Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal for Microsoft Student Partners from which I came to know about these like many issues.

As a normal citizen we do have certain rights and some duties to be followed similarly in the digital world also there are rights and duties to be followed. The first day training was all about a concert and the video snapped by one of the student of the school where the concert was done. Later the video was sold and and the money was made from it. The student who had clicked the video had taken the permission to take camera in the concert from the organizer



Later the same video appeared in a game so that the main character of the game was made with unusual look. Now we were asked what the wrong was with it? Can the videos and images be used for commercial purpose? We were divided into two groups and a debate was made in this. Some said yes and some said no. With the discussion we came in conclusion that the thing is not clear and  we have to do the research.

Then again we were divided up to eight groups and eight different topics were given for research on internet. The topics were like copyright act, distribution, media reproduction, public display and others. After a quick and short research every groups presented what they were asked for we too presented on the "Public display" topic. After our presentation the session of the day was over and we were recalled for 10:30 AM next day.

Due to some problem, I was able to be there on10:50 AM the next day. An exam was being taken on what we learned the previous day. I too gave it. After the exam the we came to have the brainstorm of the group. We were divided into 4 groups and each group was given to design the architecture of a computer game. Finally we as well as others developed it. Four different games there. We were then asked to rank those games. The highest ranking was achieved by a game called "Virtual Race". Which was further selected to be developed.


Now the next phase was to make interface, package, marketing ads and website by again dividing the group of participants. We too did that. We were already aware about the copyright and legal issues so everyone on their work mentioned it well. We to mentioned in our work ie. creating the website. Then after all presenting our stuff we packed off from the venue promising to meet in the next MSP meetings.

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