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February 2012 - Posts

blogging : Sharing your knowledge

Blogging means sharing your knowledge via internet to others. Its basically defined as composing the online diary on your own name. The blog may contain anything. It may be some knowledgable technical writings information about attractive places and other things.

You might think that we can develop the website for all these things. So why do we need blog. But lets see why blog is important than the websites.

1. Blogs are relatively easier to compose than the websites as we need to have the knowledge of web designing language and tools for websites which is not compulsary in case of blogs.

2. Blogs are generally freely hosted by the service provider whereas we have to pay to the ISP or hosting companies in case of websites.

3. We are bounded in the boundary of web languages syntax in case of blogs which is not in case of blogs.

After knowing these things about the blog. You might have a desire to have one under your name. Lets see how to get a blog on internet.

1. There are various blog service providers. You can choose any one of them to get started with the blogging. The some blog providers are




and others.

2. Get an account on any one and see the blog section. There you will get "Write a blog", "Create a blog" or any such links.

3. Follow those links and create your blog.

4. Share your knowledge to others as blog posts on your blog.

"Blog share and be Famous."


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Access your NCell online

Hi if you are with NCell, then you can access your NCELL online. NCell had introduced NCell Ecare from which you can access your NCELL online.

How to get registered on NCell E-care

To get into NCell Ecare you need to be a valid subscriber of NCell of any scheme or tarrif.

After you get the NCell SIM card then from your PC logon to www.ncell.com.np.

Then go to the E-care option at the right corner of the website.

there you will get two options one for login and other for sign up.

validate your customer info with citizenship or passport number

get a unique code as SMS from NCell and complete the sign up process.

after you complete the sign up process, then login with your credentials at ncell.com.np/ecare and access everything including 10SMS free to NCell subscriber.

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