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April 2012 - Posts

An Exciting Day with Xbox and Kinect

Microsoft Innovation Center had organised Gaming Day on 27th April 2012. I too was there as the volunteer for the program with other 7 Microsoft Student Partners. The games that were there on the event were really exciting. Since the first session was not so packed, we (volunteers) too got a chance to taste all the Xbox and kinect games.

Sabeena and Tek Raj

The games on the Xbox and Kinect were really interesting. We have to be the character in the game and move our body accordingly to play the game. What an exciting that we move our hands left and right so that the car on the screen changes its direction. Other game "Microsoft Flight" made me a pilot for about 5 minutes. But unfortunately I could not safely. Others game were also too exciting and funny.

Driving a Car

The game named Dance Central was really exctiing, we have to chose a song and the game will show the steps and we have to dance accordingly. It can teach to dance on English songs. If steps were made right the points increases. Since I don't have the knowledge of dance I did not play this game.

The other games on PCs, Windows Phone were too exciting.

I am too thankful to MIC Nepal for organising this exciting event. 

Driving Virtually

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Windows 8 Consumer Preview pros and cons

I recently had a copy of Consumer preview of Windows 8. I was pleased to have it in the DVD pack but I was somehow disappointed it it took the form of  Operating System  of my computer.

 I am not going deep in this blog but rather will express what seen by a normal user

I was really impressed with the sliding start button tiles as sliding on a touch screen mobile phone or Ipad. The another thing I was impressed witth Win 8 was its IPV6 Network connectivity and the People and Chat application on the start tile. One of the additional feature for the user of WIndows 8 is that you don't have to search Adobe reader or any other pdf reader for the pdf files. The app named document reader can easily read the pdf files. Apart from this XPS viewer is also there in Windows 8 as in Windows 7. In another Windows you were seeing desktop at first but in Windows 8 you will see exciting start tiles at first after you are logged in.

Another important and online feature I glanced is the skydrive app in it. you should not go to the URL and select skydrive but there is an app and just login with your Microsoft account and share your files online. There are Music and Video apps to play videos and music from your account as well.

Now I was a bit disappointed when I could not play my PC's speaker in full volume with Windows 8. The another thing that I really was disappointed was some of the applications on the start tile didn't close and I was forced to use "Task Manager" to close these apps. I too was disagree with the position of "Power " button on Windows 8 as a normal user may not find it. I think the power and setting buttons in start tile will be best. I could not see the WIndows 8 logo when I see the system properties as I used to see in other version of the Windows. I hope it will be improved.

I want to close my blog and will be posting on what will I get in Windows 8 .

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