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June 2012 - Posts

Private Screening of Ctrl+Alt+Compete

I was really glad to be a part of private screening of a Microsoft movie Ctrl+Alt+Compete. I was duly keen to know what was the movie about and it’s theme when I heard about it. It grew more when I saw the Facebook group of MIC Nepal having the cover image of the same movie. So I along with one of my friend registered for the movie for 3rd June.554315_279133005517702_849408275_n

The movie was to start from 3PM. We reached the venue i.e. MIC Nepal at about 2:30 PM and rested somehow. Some of the audience were already there. We registered and donated the book we had and finally entered the conference hall where the movie was to be shown. The projector and the front screen was flashing with the advertisement video of Microsoft’s products. After sometime at about 3, Allen Sir and other MIC Nepal staff entered the hall and introduced themselves and about the MIC Nepal’s program currently.582269_279138262183843_687310937_n

Then the final film show started at about 3:50 PM with turning off all the LED lights that were glowing. It was hard for me to understand the movie at first but I gradually understood it. The movie included the 5 companies and the entrepreneurship of these companies. It also want to leave a message that if you are really dedicated, there are lots of helping hands like Bizz spark. The movie also want to convey that Big companies always dominate the small one.577050_279133238851012_100002630140103_554798_329780255_n

So personally I want to say everyone to view this movie and learn something.

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