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Private Screening of Ctrl+Alt+Compete

I was really glad to be a part of private screening of a Microsoft movie Ctrl+Alt+Compete. I was duly keen to know what was the movie about and it’s theme when I heard about it. It grew more when I saw the Facebook group of MIC Nepal having the cover image of the same movie. So I along with one of my friend registered for the movie for 3rd June.554315_279133005517702_849408275_n

The movie was to start from 3PM. We reached the venue i.e. MIC Nepal at about 2:30 PM and rested somehow. Some of the audience were already there. We registered and donated the book we had and finally entered the conference hall where the movie was to be shown. The projector and the front screen was flashing with the advertisement video of Microsoft’s products. After sometime at about 3, Allen Sir and other MIC Nepal staff entered the hall and introduced themselves and about the MIC Nepal’s program currently.582269_279138262183843_687310937_n

Then the final film show started at about 3:50 PM with turning off all the LED lights that were glowing. It was hard for me to understand the movie at first but I gradually understood it. The movie included the 5 companies and the entrepreneurship of these companies. It also want to leave a message that if you are really dedicated, there are lots of helping hands like Bizz spark. The movie also want to convey that Big companies always dominate the small one.577050_279133238851012_100002630140103_554798_329780255_n

So personally I want to say everyone to view this movie and learn something.

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Installing Firmware in Samsung Mobile Phones

Hi here I am explaining to install the firmware on SAMSUNG mobile phone by ourself. See the below steps and follow accordingly

First of all download the flashing file for the Samsung Mobile you want to install the firmware.

Secondly download and install the Samsung Mobile USB driver into your PC.

Also download the software named Multiloader and save in your PC.

After you get all the things ready, then turn on the mobile phone by pressing the power and vol + key until you see a sign of mobile phone and USB connect.

Connect the USB to mobile phone and the computer. Then the computer will show the Mobile USB Modem check this in Device Manager

After this is done then run the Multiloader program and specify the parameter as

After this specification is done then click port search (Here not shown due to screen resolution.

Then the download option just after the port search is highlighted. Click there and wait until the firmware is updated into your mobile phone.

After you are done do restore factory setting from settings.

This above process is done for SAMSUNG GTS 5560. Settings may differ for other models.

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An Exciting Day with Xbox and Kinect

Microsoft Innovation Center had organised Gaming Day on 27th April 2012. I too was there as the volunteer for the program with other 7 Microsoft Student Partners. The games that were there on the event were really exciting. Since the first session was not so packed, we (volunteers) too got a chance to taste all the Xbox and kinect games.

Sabeena and Tek Raj

The games on the Xbox and Kinect were really interesting. We have to be the character in the game and move our body accordingly to play the game. What an exciting that we move our hands left and right so that the car on the screen changes its direction. Other game "Microsoft Flight" made me a pilot for about 5 minutes. But unfortunately I could not safely. Others game were also too exciting and funny.

Driving a Car

The game named Dance Central was really exctiing, we have to chose a song and the game will show the steps and we have to dance accordingly. It can teach to dance on English songs. If steps were made right the points increases. Since I don't have the knowledge of dance I did not play this game.

The other games on PCs, Windows Phone were too exciting.

I am too thankful to MIC Nepal for organising this exciting event. 

Driving Virtually

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Windows 8 Consumer Preview pros and cons

I recently had a copy of Consumer preview of Windows 8. I was pleased to have it in the DVD pack but I was somehow disappointed it it took the form of  Operating System  of my computer.

 I am not going deep in this blog but rather will express what seen by a normal user

I was really impressed with the sliding start button tiles as sliding on a touch screen mobile phone or Ipad. The another thing I was impressed witth Win 8 was its IPV6 Network connectivity and the People and Chat application on the start tile. One of the additional feature for the user of WIndows 8 is that you don't have to search Adobe reader or any other pdf reader for the pdf files. The app named document reader can easily read the pdf files. Apart from this XPS viewer is also there in Windows 8 as in Windows 7. In another Windows you were seeing desktop at first but in Windows 8 you will see exciting start tiles at first after you are logged in.

Another important and online feature I glanced is the skydrive app in it. you should not go to the URL and select skydrive but there is an app and just login with your Microsoft account and share your files online. There are Music and Video apps to play videos and music from your account as well.

Now I was a bit disappointed when I could not play my PC's speaker in full volume with Windows 8. The another thing that I really was disappointed was some of the applications on the start tile didn't close and I was forced to use "Task Manager" to close these apps. I too was disagree with the position of "Power " button on Windows 8 as a normal user may not find it. I think the power and setting buttons in start tile will be best. I could not see the WIndows 8 logo when I see the system properties as I used to see in other version of the Windows. I hope it will be improved.

I want to close my blog and will be posting on what will I get in Windows 8 .

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Tech Mela 2012 some new icons

We (Microsoft Student Partners) had a meeting recently on the issue of Tech Mela 2012 on what stuffs to be added where and when to conduct etc. The discussions led us to make the tech mela available to maximum student community of Kathmandu as well as Nepal. Our main focus on the Tech Mela is going to be Windows 8 which had consumer preview in Nepal a few days ago only. As the other previous years, Microsoft's products will be demonstrated there too.

Another interesting and new icon on the Mela would be the career counseling by the company personnels from various IT organisation had been proposed. Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal is trying to meet the students to the company personnels from D2 Hawkee, NCell and others to the student to search the tech- career on these companies.

There will be gamings and other stuffs as prevous. This years another new icon would be the "Student show case". There will be tables for the student community to show your technical expertise and any softwares you or your collegues had developed. So that the community would know your software expertise and may take with them in exchange with cash or cheque.

This years Tech Mela is going to 10+2 community as well. Some of my nexus(MSPs) had been selected to go through the 10+2 colleges in Kathmandu for invitation to Tech Mela

These are proposed new icons of Tech Mela 2012. Date is not yet fixed. We (MSPs) will soon inform you after the date is fixed. We also want to ensure all the colleges and campuses with MSPs will get a pass for the event. Hope that this Year's tech mela to be technical and infomative.

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blogging : Sharing your knowledge

Blogging means sharing your knowledge via internet to others. Its basically defined as composing the online diary on your own name. The blog may contain anything. It may be some knowledgable technical writings information about attractive places and other things.

You might think that we can develop the website for all these things. So why do we need blog. But lets see why blog is important than the websites.

1. Blogs are relatively easier to compose than the websites as we need to have the knowledge of web designing language and tools for websites which is not compulsary in case of blogs.

2. Blogs are generally freely hosted by the service provider whereas we have to pay to the ISP or hosting companies in case of websites.

3. We are bounded in the boundary of web languages syntax in case of blogs which is not in case of blogs.

After knowing these things about the blog. You might have a desire to have one under your name. Lets see how to get a blog on internet.

1. There are various blog service providers. You can choose any one of them to get started with the blogging. The some blog providers are




and others.

2. Get an account on any one and see the blog section. There you will get "Write a blog", "Create a blog" or any such links.

3. Follow those links and create your blog.

4. Share your knowledge to others as blog posts on your blog.

"Blog share and be Famous."


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Access your NCell online

Hi if you are with NCell, then you can access your NCELL online. NCell had introduced NCell Ecare from which you can access your NCELL online.

How to get registered on NCell E-care

To get into NCell Ecare you need to be a valid subscriber of NCell of any scheme or tarrif.

After you get the NCell SIM card then from your PC logon to www.ncell.com.np.

Then go to the E-care option at the right corner of the website.

there you will get two options one for login and other for sign up.

validate your customer info with citizenship or passport number

get a unique code as SMS from NCell and complete the sign up process.

after you complete the sign up process, then login with your credentials at ncell.com.np/ecare and access everything including 10SMS free to NCell subscriber.

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get Emails in your mobile via Email Inbox

Hi server exchange facility is not available in every mobile phones. So here I want to make you known how to activate your email on your mobile phone through email inbox.

Most of the mobile phones have "email" mentioned in the message box.

Go to your message > email (somewhere "email inbox")

give your email address

it will automatically search the email settings .

during this operation be sure that you are connected with internet with GPRS or WiFi connection.

if your connection is not found you need to setup it manually. The things needed to be setup are POP Server, SMTP server, Port Etc.

After you got done with setup go to connect mailbox then you will be logged in to your email account via email inbox.

In case of NOKIA it shows @ sign when you are logged in


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Activating email on your phone via Server Exchange.

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Hi, if you are having problems in your connection in computers then you can even get your emails on your mobile phones if you are with latest mobiles with active server synchronize facility.

The following procedure indicates to configure your email and other services on a mobile phone.

go to menu and see active server synchronize option on your phone.

then you will be directed to the server options.

fill your details

server url: m.<service_provider>.com  eg. m.outlook.com

user name: <your email id> eg. tek_raj.guragain@mdpnepal.net    

Password: <your password> ***********************

domain: m.<service_provider>.com  eg. m.outlook.com

then go next and define a connection profile eg. ntc, broadlink_wifi.

then synchronization will start.

you will be able to get your emails as SMS and reply them as well through your phone.



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Why Genuined?

There are lots of pirated software in the market. There occur various issues with the software piracy. By the outer look you may not be able to distinguish between a genuine and pirated software. Let's see the advantages of using the genuine products. 

1. You receive the software documentation and instructions: if you are with the genuine software you receive the documentation as well as the manual for the use of the software. It's not available on the pirated software. Due to which you may be confused to use software and may not get needed documentations.

2. Receive technical assistance: With the genuine software you always receive the assistance from the provider or manufacturer which help you  to cope up with the problems arised during the use of the software. Technical assistance is not available on the pirated software.

3.Acceess to updates and upgrades: the genuine software will give you the updates and upgrades to you. Like if you are using a genuine software and a new version is available you can have easily access to it. But pirated software don't give you access to the new updates and upgrades.

4. Safe from legal issues: Genuine is the one product which is directly provided to you by the software manafacturer. The manafacturer provides the license to you so that you can have the full ownership of the product. There is no legal issue with genuine software.


Be a genuine software user and be proud yourself


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Making your Windows XP genuine

This works if you are still with Microsoft Windows XP Proffesional

Deactivate Windows
Click the "Start" button. Click "Run" and type "regedit" in the "Open" field. Press "Enter" to open the Windows Registry Editor.

Double click "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" to expand this registry directory. Double-click "Software," then "Microsoft," followed by "WindowsNT" and "CurrentVersion."

Click "WPAEvents." Right-click "OOBETimer" in the right side of the window and select "Modify." Highlight one of the characters shown in the box.

Type either one number from zero through nine or one letter from "A" through "F" to replace the character. Click "OK." This effectively deactivates Windows XP. Close the Windows Registry Editor.

Change Key and Reactivate Windows
Click the "Start" button and select "Run."

Type the following line into the "Open" field of the "Run" box:

%systemroot%\system32\oobe\msoobe.exe /a

Click "OK" or press "Enter" to launch the Product Activation Wizard for Windows.

Click the "Yes, I want to telephone a customer service representative to activate Windows" option. Click "Next."

Click "Change Product Key" near the bottom of the "Activate Windows by Phone" screen.

Type the 25-character alphanumeric product key in the "New Key" boxes. Click "Update."

Click "Remind me later" if you are brought back to the previous "Activate Windows by Phone" screen. Wait for the Product Activation Wizard to generate a new installation ID and complete the process.

Restart the computer. Click the "Back" button if you're brought back to the "Activate Windows by Phone" screen and select the "activate Windows over the Internet" option if you want to use your Internet connection to activate Windows XP. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the activation process for Windows.

Click "Start" and then "Run." Type the following line in the "Open" field:

%systemroot%\system32\oobe\msoobe.exe /a

Press "Enter." Look for the "Windows is already activated" message to verify that Windows XP is reactivated. Click "OK" to close the message.

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Back again

We were really excited to be informed about the MSP meeting after a long gap of about 1.5 months. There has been several issues during the holiday period which I came to know when I came back from Morang from my nexus  at my college. Let's not discuss about the negative things here now.

The meeting was scheduled at 3:00 PM and I just arrived the venue at time. At first three persons of KU introduced about the KU IT meet which was going to be started on 27 nov to 28 Nov the three personals introduced about the camp. We were happy to know that they were going to include some of us ie. Microsoft Student Partners on their meet.

Similarly some of us has been selected to help the ICT conference by SM foundation on 16 and 17 November. Some of us were selected to make the facebook group a healthy place of discussion.

Then we were given the brief introduction about what are we going to do next. The major focus was on the phone application development by which we can earn fame. The program was scheduled as 2 days camp and 4 days apps development. It was really interesting to hear it. In six days a phone apps!!! It was also said that every apps developer will somehow be managed to attend the NOKIA conference and the apps developer will get a financial rebate too.

The most and happy thing was MSP Summit which was determined to be on December. But still there are something to be discussed on the topic. The topics are mainly venue and other issues.

After these all we were given a grant look of Score card for this quarter which has got 35 points to pass but Allen Sir commented on it and it was probable to be changed. Parina Shakya mam committed that she would make some changes on that and deliver us. After then the Meeting was ended.

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Password Reset disk in Windows 7

What will you do if you forget the password of your user account or administrator in Windows 7?

The simplest answer may be if you are user you may log in to the administrator and change the password. If you are administrator then you might re-install the operating system. But re-installing operating system is not the actual solution for this.

What is password reset disk?

It's a flash disk or floppy which is used to reset the password of the computer administrator or user in case if you forget it.

How to create password reset disk?

To create a password reset disk in windows 7 follow these steps

step 1 go to control panel

Step 2: Select user account

Select create password reset link


Select the media or disk which you want to make password reset disk.


go next


give the current password of your user account.


go next


do finish


you are then done with creating a password reset disk for your user account.





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Sky drive (an alternative for your flash drive)

We have been using the flash drives for various purposes like carrying files from one place to another. But what if your flash drive got lost with some very much important data or files with it. You may not have any option except to regret. But now there is no need to regret if you really use windows live services which includes a special cloud space interface named "sky drive".

What is a Sky drive?

It's an online file storing system that allows you to have 25GB of space online where you can upload the files that are important for you as well as you can share the files to others too.

Features of Sky drive.

  • Directly upload Office documents and photos within Hotmail, store them on Windows Live SkyDrive, and share them with other users
  • Directly save Office documents within Hotmail to Windows Live SkyDrive, and view or edit these documents directly within the web browser
  • Allow Hotmail users to edit Office documents within the web browser using Office Web Apps, and reply directly back to the sender with the edits made.

Why use sky drive?

In sky drive we don't have to worry about the loss of data since this is an online storage media. We too can access the documents from online web applications like office word, excel etc though we don't have installed them in our PC. So use "Sky drive" as a backup for your important files.

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Making your Windows 7 genuine.

You might have got the trial version of windows. The trial version expires after a certain period and displays a message stating that the Windows is not genuine as follows:

Now lets see the steps of making the windows genuine from the trial version.

First give a right click on the Computer and see the properties

scroll down to the bottom of the window to see the genuineness status of your system.

If trial period is gone. It will display "You must activate today" 

Select activate now.

Type a different product key.

Give the administrator credentials and type the product key you achieve from MSDNAA ELMS service.

Go next.

After a while the copy of the Window 7 you are using gets genuine.

Be sure that you have internet connections during the activation.

For MSDNAA ELMS using please refer  About MSDNAA ELMS

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