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Upendra Yadav talking about education system and its relation in politics


Upendra Yadav is a Nepali politician, Former Foreign Affair Minister of Nepal, and the president of Federal Socialist Forum, Nepal which have international presence. He is one of the most renowned politician in Nepalese politics. In todays event he talked  about what is the responsibility of government towards the public. It is government responsibility to convience general public of the country. Government should so to people , understand their problem and solved their problem.

His main view was people or  politician should not be divided according to community .  If there is a problem for Madesh , then we cannot say that it is only their problem , it is the problem of whole Nepali . Being an teacher, his main point was that education should be allowed on politics. The rules made by the law  of country should be followed in politics.  And if the condition of schools and colleges are not good then it should be changed. Their should be appropriate number of teachers in school.


Posted: 12-21-2016 12:33 PM by Sita Neupane