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A Glimpse on ASP.NET workshop

ASP.NET is a web application framework designed to produce dynamic web pages developed by Microsoft.

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In a 2 day training program conducted by Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal, we were taught how to build a web page using ASP.NET MVC framework.

The Model-View-Controller(MVC) pattern separates an web application in three layers. The Model is responsible for working with data transfer and the database. The View component is used to show the interface. And the Controller controls both these models and views and handle actions and interaction with the user.

The training program was a short and quick introduction to ASP.NET rendering developers like us into web development.

The emphasis of this program was less on teaching but more on learning. Learning should always be of more focus rather than teaching!!

Clearly, the best way to learn something is to work on a project. That is when we get significantly involved and more intensely than ever. And along the way, we get to deal with various problems and go here and there and where not just to solve that problem. Eventually, in this process, we end up building a great solution and above all we get to learn a lot. As a result, we skill up into expertness.

Posted: 01-07-2018 3:30 PM by Utsav Ratna Tuladhar