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Unlimited Appathon Unlimited Fun

Unlimited Appathon 2018 was held between 22nd and 23rd February at Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal. In this two day event, 8 teams came up with their creative ideas to solve the problems prevailing across the country. Every team came up with wonderful and brilliant ideas which were really overwhelming and promising.

In this technology contest, the first prize was bagged by team “Transcend” for their solution “lipi”, which is basically a simple game with which we can learn about the Newari lipi and also have fun along the way. Not only does this game seem educative but it also helps in the conservation of the Newari Culture and Nepalbhasa – the Newari language. Team “Fulbari” landed the second prize for their solution “Nursery Management System”. With this system, people can easily manage their own Nursery in an effective and effective manner. And team “Anyone can fly” landed the third prize for their idea “Fashion engineer”. This is a platform where we get to learn, teach and shop the current fashion trends. We can shop for various products and fashionable accessories, learn how to make them as well and furthermore teach others too. How cool is that, right!

Huge congratulations for all the teams who came up with excellent ideas in just 2 days time. Every team proved to be equally exceptional if not better.


Personally speaking, this was my first appathon experience and I did have a lot of fun in this event. I learnt much much more than what I had expected. I learnt that ideas are the seed of salvation with which we can solve vital problems. And sometimes even if ideas are vague, it will start to make more sense on the way when you work on them. Furthermore, with limitation on time, the pressure created literally forced us to work with undivided attention and the pressurized environment just made us to channel all our focus into our task. The mentoring session also appeared to be very helpful as well. It gave an opportunity to communicate with experienced people who did provide a lot of guidelines. They gave us tips and tricks to better implement our solutions and how to overcome with difficulties. Also, I did learn that sometimes, it is better to fake an app than to make an app and moreover it is difficult to fake and app than to make an app. Sometimes, even if our application is not good, at least making it look good can lead to victory. Sometimes, we have to take unfair advantage in this unfair world in our unfair lives, right? All in all, I got lot to learn from this appathon. Truly, first experiences are always memorable when it is special!

Most importantly, I would like to express my appreciation and gratefulness to our dearly loved Allen Bailochan sir for coming up with the idea of this appathon in the spur of the moment. Also a huge shout out to our MSP Godmother Suchitra ma’am and of course our very own Bibek sir who were with us in every step of the event helping us overcome our obstacles and helping us with whatever they can. This appathon did provide unlimited learning and unlimited knowledge to which I certainly will be forever grateful. XD

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Most Innovative Leader Mr.Allen Bailochan Tuladhar

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. Leaders become great because of their ability to empower others and inspire greatness in others!

A heartiest congratulations to Mr. Allen Bailochan Tuladhar for being awarded as the 'Most Innovative Leader' at 10th Excellence in Innovation Awards organized by World Innovation Congress. Surely, a proud moment for the entire country.

This ceremony has proved us that when we work with passion and perseverance the outcome will always be greater than you expected. When you work with passion everything will fall into its proper and well deserved place.


Where does all the hard work go? All those restless days and sleepless night you work back to back will one day be worth it. It’s only a matter of time before you come into the spotlight of greatness.

After a tragic event that bestowed upon him by faith, he dedicated all his time and energy for the betterment of youth like us converting us from ugly little caterpillars to beautiful butterflies. And after which we learn why we had to go through tough times. Eventually, when the pride weighs out the pain, we realize why we had to have that ugly and disgusting form before we transform into a colorful and attractive creature and fly freely.

All those hardships that he has encountered and all those time he has spent going from one country to another sharing his knowledge, where the only rest he got to take was between travel hours, has finally brought this glorious day to cherish.

We are very proud to have an idol like him from whom we can learn a lot and also attest that we are all equal if not better.

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A Glimpse on ASP.NET workshop

ASP.NET is a web application framework designed to produce dynamic web pages developed by Microsoft.

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In a 2 day training program conducted by Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal, we were taught how to build a web page using ASP.NET MVC framework.

The Model-View-Controller(MVC) pattern separates an web application in three layers. The Model is responsible for working with data transfer and the database. The View component is used to show the interface. And the Controller controls both these models and views and handle actions and interaction with the user.

The training program was a short and quick introduction to ASP.NET rendering developers like us into web development.

The emphasis of this program was less on teaching but more on learning. Learning should always be of more focus rather than teaching!!

Clearly, the best way to learn something is to work on a project. That is when we get significantly involved and more intensely than ever. And along the way, we get to deal with various problems and go here and there and where not just to solve that problem. Eventually, in this process, we end up building a great solution and above all we get to learn a lot. As a result, we skill up into expertness.

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