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Congratulations Tootle !!!


Tootle Today, a tech startup company that provides  a technology brand pioneering ridesharing in Nepal through motorbikes in Kathmandu Valley has won the Wai Wai Seedstars Kathmandu 2017.

Tootle, is an android application that helps you get an easy ride around Kathmandu Valley. It matches you with bikers that are on the same way you are heading. Or, if you are a biker you are able to take people with you and earn money.

“It’s a new startup and there are a lot of challenges we have to mitigate”, said Sixit Bhatta, Co-founder/CEO of Tootle Today. It is now proven that you deliver a business by solving the day-to-day problem. This app has been released just recently and it already has a large number of users.

With this victory, Tootle will get to participate in an event filled with disruptive tech, inspirational discussions, networking sessions and one flight ticket for the winner to come to Switzerland to compete for over $1million in investment.

Moreover,the startup will be joining the global Seedstars Family and take part in the regional and global Seedstars Summits that include bootcamp and investor forum. It's a catalytic platform for high growth emerging market startups.





Posted: 10-23-2017 10:50 PM by Utsav Ratna Tuladhar