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Panel Discussion: Investment Landscape in Nepal


Moderator: Mr. Allen Bailochan Tuladhar, Country Director, Microsoft Innovation Centre Nepal

panel discussion

Inviting the panelists to the stage, Mr. Allen began the discussion with introduction of the panelist.

Moving on with the discussion there was a question from Mr. Allen, “What’s your take on what you think is the investment landscape in Nepal?”. Each Panelist presented their own thought about the investment landscape in Nepal. According to Mr. Rabindra’s saying, the investment climate in Nepal is currently experiencing slow shifts but there is some hopefulness and confidence regarding this but there’s still  large building blocks are missing for smooth seamless investment environment. Similarly, according to Mr. Siddhant, the access to finance in the investment landscape in Nepal is still very low but in past few years another form of access to finance has been experienced i.e. private equity and it is actually the future of developing any business economy. He also mentioned ,” things are happening in Nepal, businesses are being built, private equity are starting to finance different modes of investments in the country”. Agreeing to what Mr. Siddhant mentioned earlier, Mrs. Sunyana added that the platform has been aligned to reform and take the things to next level. But Ms. Shilshila had slightly different say, she says that the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the past 6-7 years has been positive so far but most of the focus has to be on idea level startups rather than real startups.

As the discussion went on several question arose and several view point were presented by the panelists. Mr.Siddhant even highlighted that Nepal is an extremely risky investment environment currently but a interest in the market is also being transparent and in next few years high-net worth investment may be seen. As the discussion still went on, Mr. Rabindra stated that there are several forms of investment coming up such as starting country specific fund and strategies and this idea started with a thought of promoting entrepreneurship. Still on with the discussion and several question arose, Ms. Shilshila raised a point to be noted that the education system now is only generating a lot of job seekers and not entrepreneurs and she concluded with a motivation to youth to also focus entrepreneurship.The whole discussion revolved around investments and entrepreneurship with several viewpoint of each panelist but the overall say on the topic was that, the investment landscape in Nepal currently is not optimal, but it’s showing some positive shift gradually.

The panel discussion had been the most intense part throughout the Seedstars Kathmandu event yet, it also presented the most useful content and lessons to be learnt. #SSWKathmandu

Posted: 10-23-2017 8:51 PM by Momika Shrestha