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Pitch Deliveries: Three Startups #SSWKathmandu

The startup team Sajilo Marmat Sewa started the pitch delivery program.

Sajilo Marmat Sewa :

Team  Members:

Kawis Shrestha : Responsible for customer acquisition and branding 
Sujeet   Regmi : Responsible for planning and resource management 
Pukar Acharya : Responsible for business development 


Sajilo Marmat Sewa is a one stop digital market for customers and technical to seek and offer services. Plumbing Maintenance, Electrical Maintenance, Electronic Appliances Maintenance, Laptop and Desktop Maintenance, Computer Network Maintenance are the major services provided by the Sajilo Marmat Sewa.

Product with Story

Team Members:

Saramsha Dotel- Founder
Avishekh Shrestha- Co-founder
Sushant Gautam- Chief Technology Officer


The team Product with Story with the idea of collaborating micro-enterprise with online market providing the opportunities of marketing in the market world. That means, it markets the micro enterpises to the big tech-market through the online. It provides the facility of proffesional profile such that the creators can show up to the public and their skills, qualifications and the details of the product with their story.

Honey Guide:

Team Members:
Dakshina Khadka : PR and communication officer
Abhisek Pande : Chief Financial Officer

Aashish Shrestha: Chief Executive Officer

Sadeep Dangol: Backend Developer


   From the team “Honey Guide”,Ms. Dakshina Khadka explained the idea about the Honey Guide and its services. She says, “ At Honey Guide, I get to work on the solution that help trekkers and hikers like me to go the mountains without an hassle.” Honey Guide reduces the cost price of the travel by 30-50%  and saves the time for trip planning.

Posted: 10-23-2017 3:51 PM by Rebecca Rajbhandari