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Pitch deliveries: Next Three Startups. #sswKathmandu

The team “Sochware” started the second phase of pitch delivering program for the smooth continuation of the program.

Sochware :

Team members :

Eeda Rijal - Chief Executive Officer
Shishir Shrestha -Chief Operation Officer
MIlan Thapa-Chief Technology Officer
Naresh Shah-Technical Lead
Ashmita Koirala- Technical Lead


     With the slogan “Things can get easier” , the team Sochware brought up an idea of Agroware, which is an IOT product which communicates with closed boundary  farm. It is an universal device that can sense temperature, humidity and is also connected to mobile. Plus points are the modules such as temperature control,oxygen level control etc. which goes accordance to requirement of farmland that can be addressed.  The main idea for Agroware is “ Regulating Traditional Farmland with future Technology”. 

ICT in Agriculture Nepal- Krishi Ghar

Team Members:

Anish Shrestha : Chief Executive Officer
Chanchal Joshi: Chief  OperatingOfficer
Hridaya Kandel: Chief Techonolgy Officer
Sudip Koirala: Manager


Krishi ghar tries to give appropriate and full information about agricultural technology obtain from relevant information provider to farmers of Nepal. It  is a mobile app developed by that provides relevant agriculture information, to right people, at right time and at right place from relevant source. It also focuses on creating environment friendly human activities and development process based on the concept of green development. Emphasizing on local level planning, program selection and implementation to conserve environment and prevent pollution, it promotes the environmental activities in line of the low carbon path.


Team Members:
Sonali Thapa - Manager
Sushma Paudel- Chief Marketing officer
Tasbi Shrestha- Chief Operating Officer


GharBheti is an idea of providing the public the facility on renting. It provides the faciliies of rental management, rental properties, rental prices , packages and many more, including short term rentals and managements. That means, it aids to reduce the stress level of the people in search of rental services in the busy area.

Posted: 10-23-2017 4:03 PM by Rebecca Rajbhandari