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Afterword by GP Shah

“Ideas are nobody’s monopoly”, says GP Shah, vice president of Chaudhary Group. Events like Seedstars has a lot of value and it helps to create hope and aspirations to people in the technological era we are living in. People get to explore new ideas through events like these and as the saying goes, “Great ideas arise from a lot of ideas.”


The competition was a great success and the startup “Tootle” bagged the first prize defeating the other 7 startups. Looking at the bright side, although those other competitors had lost, they had received feedbacks so as to why they were not ready and what they needed for their betterment. “They need to work on their flaws and see what is making their business model riskier and what will not allow their product to scale up onto the next level.” added Shah. Moreover, they will have to consider every aspects of the problem with daily innovation to make the product more efficient.

Risks are ought to be taken during entrepreneurship. But with care, you never know when you will drown when you measure the depth of the river with both of your feet.

Things like these has a lot of importance particularly for government sectors  where these things are lacking in great quantity. And where there are no any sorts of programs and encouragement as such. There are a lot of opportunities in wide area of scope. Sometimes small acts are enough to create big impacts.

Posted: 10-31-2017 11:44 PM by Utsav Ratna Tuladhar