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Afterword by GP Shah

“Ideas are nobody’s monopoly”, says GP Shah, vice president of Chaudhary Group. Events like Seedstars has a lot of value and it helps to create hope and aspirations to people in the technological era we are living in. People get to explore new ideas through events like these and as the saying goes, “Great ideas arise from a lot of ideas.”


The competition was a great success and the startup “Tootle” bagged the first prize defeating the other 7 startups. Looking at the bright side, although those other competitors had lost, they had received feedbacks so as to why they were not ready and what they needed for their betterment. “They need to work on their flaws and see what is making their business model riskier and what will not allow their product to scale up onto the next level.” added Shah. Moreover, they will have to consider every aspects of the problem with daily innovation to make the product more efficient.

Risks are ought to be taken during entrepreneurship. But with care, you never know when you will drown when you measure the depth of the river with both of your feet.

Things like these has a lot of importance particularly for government sectors  where these things are lacking in great quantity. And where there are no any sorts of programs and encouragement as such. There are a lot of opportunities in wide area of scope. Sometimes small acts are enough to create big impacts.

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Congratulations Tootle !!!


Tootle Today, a tech startup company that provides  a technology brand pioneering ridesharing in Nepal through motorbikes in Kathmandu Valley has won the Wai Wai Seedstars Kathmandu 2017.

Tootle, is an android application that helps you get an easy ride around Kathmandu Valley. It matches you with bikers that are on the same way you are heading. Or, if you are a biker you are able to take people with you and earn money.

“It’s a new startup and there are a lot of challenges we have to mitigate”, said Sixit Bhatta, Co-founder/CEO of Tootle Today. It is now proven that you deliver a business by solving the day-to-day problem. This app has been released just recently and it already has a large number of users.

With this victory, Tootle will get to participate in an event filled with disruptive tech, inspirational discussions, networking sessions and one flight ticket for the winner to come to Switzerland to compete for over $1million in investment.

Moreover,the startup will be joining the global Seedstars Family and take part in the regional and global Seedstars Summits that include bootcamp and investor forum. It's a catalytic platform for high growth emerging market startups.





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Pitch Deliveries : Remaining two Startups #SSWKathmandu

The last two startups left for pitching were NepXpress and Tootle.


Team Members:

Sangam Singh
Ankit Aryal
Hari Kattel


 NepXpress, a third party logistic service provider, is established with the main aim of serving ecommerce industry in Nepal. It assists ecommerce business to focus on their core business and delight customers with quality service. Logistics, Cargo, ecommerce, Home Delivery Service, International Shipment, Cash on Delivery (COD), Wedding/ Invitation Card Distribution, and Warehouse are the major specialities of NepXpress.



Tootle- the smartest and coolest way to reach your destination is just one tap away.

Mr. Sixit Bhatta,the  co-founder/ CEO at tootle, presented his idea of ride sharing app to solve our travel woes. It  helps people get an easy ride anywhere inside Kathmandu valley. Tootle matches you with bikers that are on your way.

At Tootle, you can also find local freelance service providers in your areas by posting jobs/requirements you want done with the specific details(for the local service provider to view) and view, select and hire relevant local service providers.

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Panel Discussion: Investment Landscape in Nepal


Moderator: Mr. Allen Bailochan Tuladhar, Country Director, Microsoft Innovation Centre Nepal

panel discussion

Inviting the panelists to the stage, Mr. Allen began the discussion with introduction of the panelist.

Moving on with the discussion there was a question from Mr. Allen, “What’s your take on what you think is the investment landscape in Nepal?”. Each Panelist presented their own thought about the investment landscape in Nepal. According to Mr. Rabindra’s saying, the investment climate in Nepal is currently experiencing slow shifts but there is some hopefulness and confidence regarding this but there’s still  large building blocks are missing for smooth seamless investment environment. Similarly, according to Mr. Siddhant, the access to finance in the investment landscape in Nepal is still very low but in past few years another form of access to finance has been experienced i.e. private equity and it is actually the future of developing any business economy. He also mentioned ,” things are happening in Nepal, businesses are being built, private equity are starting to finance different modes of investments in the country”. Agreeing to what Mr. Siddhant mentioned earlier, Mrs. Sunyana added that the platform has been aligned to reform and take the things to next level. But Ms. Shilshila had slightly different say, she says that the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the past 6-7 years has been positive so far but most of the focus has to be on idea level startups rather than real startups.

As the discussion went on several question arose and several view point were presented by the panelists. Mr.Siddhant even highlighted that Nepal is an extremely risky investment environment currently but a interest in the market is also being transparent and in next few years high-net worth investment may be seen. As the discussion still went on, Mr. Rabindra stated that there are several forms of investment coming up such as starting country specific fund and strategies and this idea started with a thought of promoting entrepreneurship. Still on with the discussion and several question arose, Ms. Shilshila raised a point to be noted that the education system now is only generating a lot of job seekers and not entrepreneurs and she concluded with a motivation to youth to also focus entrepreneurship.The whole discussion revolved around investments and entrepreneurship with several viewpoint of each panelist but the overall say on the topic was that, the investment landscape in Nepal currently is not optimal, but it’s showing some positive shift gradually.

The panel discussion had been the most intense part throughout the Seedstars Kathmandu event yet, it also presented the most useful content and lessons to be learnt. #SSWKathmandu

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Pitch deliveries: Next Three Startups. #sswKathmandu

The team “Sochware” started the second phase of pitch delivering program for the smooth continuation of the program.

Sochware :

Team members :

Eeda Rijal - Chief Executive Officer
Shishir Shrestha -Chief Operation Officer
MIlan Thapa-Chief Technology Officer
Naresh Shah-Technical Lead
Ashmita Koirala- Technical Lead


     With the slogan “Things can get easier” , the team Sochware brought up an idea of Agroware, which is an IOT product which communicates with closed boundary  farm. It is an universal device that can sense temperature, humidity and is also connected to mobile. Plus points are the modules such as temperature control,oxygen level control etc. which goes accordance to requirement of farmland that can be addressed.  The main idea for Agroware is “ Regulating Traditional Farmland with future Technology”. 

ICT in Agriculture Nepal- Krishi Ghar

Team Members:

Anish Shrestha : Chief Executive Officer
Chanchal Joshi: Chief  OperatingOfficer
Hridaya Kandel: Chief Techonolgy Officer
Sudip Koirala: Manager


Krishi ghar tries to give appropriate and full information about agricultural technology obtain from relevant information provider to farmers of Nepal. It  is a mobile app developed by that provides relevant agriculture information, to right people, at right time and at right place from relevant source. It also focuses on creating environment friendly human activities and development process based on the concept of green development. Emphasizing on local level planning, program selection and implementation to conserve environment and prevent pollution, it promotes the environmental activities in line of the low carbon path.


Team Members:
Sonali Thapa - Manager
Sushma Paudel- Chief Marketing officer
Tasbi Shrestha- Chief Operating Officer


GharBheti is an idea of providing the public the facility on renting. It provides the faciliies of rental management, rental properties, rental prices , packages and many more, including short term rentals and managements. That means, it aids to reduce the stress level of the people in search of rental services in the busy area.

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Pitch Deliveries: Three Startups #SSWKathmandu

The startup team Sajilo Marmat Sewa started the pitch delivery program.

Sajilo Marmat Sewa :

Team  Members:

Kawis Shrestha : Responsible for customer acquisition and branding 
Sujeet   Regmi : Responsible for planning and resource management 
Pukar Acharya : Responsible for business development 


Sajilo Marmat Sewa is a one stop digital market for customers and technical to seek and offer services. Plumbing Maintenance, Electrical Maintenance, Electronic Appliances Maintenance, Laptop and Desktop Maintenance, Computer Network Maintenance are the major services provided by the Sajilo Marmat Sewa.

Product with Story

Team Members:

Saramsha Dotel- Founder
Avishekh Shrestha- Co-founder
Sushant Gautam- Chief Technology Officer


The team Product with Story with the idea of collaborating micro-enterprise with online market providing the opportunities of marketing in the market world. That means, it markets the micro enterpises to the big tech-market through the online. It provides the facility of proffesional profile such that the creators can show up to the public and their skills, qualifications and the details of the product with their story.

Honey Guide:

Team Members:
Dakshina Khadka : PR and communication officer
Abhisek Pande : Chief Financial Officer

Aashish Shrestha: Chief Executive Officer

Sadeep Dangol: Backend Developer


   From the team “Honey Guide”,Ms. Dakshina Khadka explained the idea about the Honey Guide and its services. She says, “ At Honey Guide, I get to work on the solution that help trekkers and hikers like me to go the mountains without an hassle.” Honey Guide reduces the cost price of the travel by 30-50%  and saves the time for trip planning.

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Key Note Address by Allen Bailochan Tuladhar


The key notes was addressed by Mr. Allen Bailochan Tuladhar, Microsoft Regional Director. According to him, the youths are the ones who can solve the ongoing problem with technology.

Problems do come when the youths of the nation leave the country. Microsoft Innovation Centre Nepal work with the students across the country to generate new ideas to solve the problems that we face in our daily lives.

The ideas are the seed of salvation. The seeds gets buried and goes through all the storm before it blooms. This is what Seedstars is all about. Its all about planting the company that at seeds right now which would spring into a beautiful plant in the future and arise to become a star company.

8 best startups has been selected from 61 applicants and now they are competing for the first prize.

All these companies use technology to solve the problems people of Nepal and the world are facing. And along the way they prove employment and earn money as well.



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Welcome : Introduction Of SeedStars World


The grand event Wai Wai Seedstars Kathmandu organized by Chaudhary Group in partnership with UNDP initiated by Microsoft Innovation Centre Nepal started with the introductory speech by Ms. Adriana Collini, associate for asia. She introduced about the program Wai Wai Seedstars to the audiences, participants and everyone present in the program hall.

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Wai Wai Seedstars Kathmandu 2017

“Technology has the power to change millions of lives at once”

The event Wai Wai Seedstars Kathmandu organized by Chaudhary Group in partnership with UNDP initiated by Microsoft Innovation Centre Nepal has begun.

Seedstars world, the global seed-stage startup competition for emerging markets and fast-growing startup scenes has selected 8 best tech startups to pitch at the Seedstars Kathmandu pitching event at Hotel Shanker, Lazimpat.

May the best team win.


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