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mafiacitydd Posted: 07-05-2018 9:52 AM

The one major issue this game had was with the controls. It will take you some time to set the options to make the game feel ok to you. For anyone who has played PC games of the period (late 90s early 2000s) which had you control a character from a third person perspective, you will remember how they were mostly terrible to say the least, at least compared to today's games. The Gangster Games Online character would feel very stiff and the car would feel too sensitive to control with ease.

That is the case with this game too. It wasn't a unique issue with the game, most 3rd person games were like that on the PC. But, if you sit down, try different settings and then stick with the game for half and hour to an hour, you will get used to it and finally manage to explore this beautiful fun game. Unfortunately many people are not willing to spend that time and give up on it. Their loss but with their negative comments/reviews they might make others not even try this game. That's a shame.

As for the game itself, it follows the story of a couple of "H5 Games Online" movies, I won't mention which to not spoil it even a bit. You find yourself suddenly working for a local mafia family, doing missions for them and rising up in status as you do. Most of the missions involve driving somewhere and then shooting lots of people. There are some difficulty spikes here and there, but they are that, few spikes. Overall the game is fun to play and IMO worth buying.

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