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zhouyueyue Posted: 03-14-2019 10:06 AM

The Burn Surgeons are trained as specialists in the field of Burn & Trauma and are skilled in all aspects of burn care. They are the directors of each burn patient’s care. Other specialty surgeons involved in the burn team include Customized Los Angeles Rams Jersey , GeneralVascular Surgeons, Pediatric, PlasticReconstructive Surgeons, Hand Surgeons, Orthopedic Surgeons, CardiacThoracic Surgeons and Ophthalmologic Surgeons. Acute burn care occurs immediately after the injury. It is delivered by a team of Trauma Surgeons (General Surgeons) that specialize in acute burn care. There are several types of wound treatments plastic surgeon may suggest:

# Skin grafts. This is often used for burn patients Cheap Los Angeles Rams Jerseys , when skin is removed from one area of the body and transplanted to another. There are two types of skin graft: split-thickness grafts in which just a few layers of deep skin are transplanted and full-thickness grafts, which involve all of the dermis. There is usually permanent scarring that is noticeable.

During a skin graft, a special skin-cutting instrument known as a dermatone removes the skin from an area (the donor site) usually hidden by clothing such as the buttocks or inner thigh. Once removed, the graft is placed on the area in need of covering and held in place by a dressing and a few stitches. The donor site is also covered with a dressing to prevent infection from occurring. Recovery time from a split-thickness skin graft is generally fairly rapid, often less than three weeks. For full-thickness skin graft patients the recovery time is a few weeks longer. Aside from burn patients, skin grafts can also be used during *** or nose reconstruction.

# Microsurgery. Have you lost a finger Sean Mannion Jersey , toe, ear, or even a lip? Microsurgery may allow for those to be re-attached. Simply stated, it is a procedure in which the surgeon uses a microscope for surgical assistance in reconstructive procedures. By using a microscope, the surgeon can actually sew tiny blood vessels or nerves, allowing him or her to repair damaged nerves and arteries. This may also be a method to relieve facial paralysis or reconstruct breasts. Microsurgery is frequently used with other surgical procedures such as the free flap procedure.

# free flap procedure. A free flap procedure is often performed during *** reconstruction or following surgery to remove head or neck cancer. During the procedure Pharoh Cooper Jersey , muscle, skin, or bone is transferred along with the original blood supply from one area of the body (donor site) to the surgical site in order to reconstruct the area. The procedure often involves the use of microsurgery. Healing of the surgical site can be slow and require frequent wound care. Total recovery may take six to eight weeks or longer.

# Tissue expansion. Tissue expansion is a medical procedure that enables your body to "grow" extra skin for use in reconstructive procedures. This is accomplished by inserting an instrument known as a "balloon expander" under the skin near the area in need of repair. Over time, this balloon will be gradually filled with saline solution (salt water), slowly causing the skin to stretch and grow, and much the same way a woman's skin stretches during pregnancy.

Reconstructive burn surgery may be required after the initial burn wounds have healed. This kind of cares us usually provided by a Plastic Surgeon. The goals of reconstructive burn surgery are to improve both the function and the cosmetic appearance of burn scars. This involves the modification or alteration of the scar tissue John Kelly Jersey , by both non-operative and operative means. The relationship between the burn patient and the reconstructive burn surgeon often lasts many years.

Treatments for scar tissue often take several months to be effective, and new scar contractures can appear long after these injuries, especially in young patients who are still growing. The first step is to schedule a personal consultation with your plastic surgeon. Communication is crucial in reaching your goals.

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