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yigeok Posted: 04-16-2019 3:35 PM

HANDS-ON REVIEW: Devon Tread 1

Devon Tread 1 was reviewed on 10 different standards. This review may be different for this particular watch, and other models may perform differently. The assessment is based on my wrist size, personal opinion, experience and preferences.Devon Tread 2

Sacred avocado sauce! This is a huge, crazy look, but a great watch. Obviously this watch is not for everyone... Purists, conservatives and traditionalists may not like this watch. But for those looking for completely different and original watch lovers, Devon Tread 1 has helped a lot! Cherry on top? This watch is entirely designed and manufactured by the State of California, USA. How cool is that? It's not California's "design", but the Chinese-made BS we often see, but it's actually made in California. Now this is absolutely worthy of pride.

The huge case is made of 316L stainless steel and polycarbonate glass. In fact, polycarbonate glass accounts for almost half of the outer casing, allowing for an unobstructed view of the internal mechanism. The case consists of five different finishes. In version C, the case has mostly satin finishes and some polished finishes. Some parts are coated with DLC and are titanium. The most disappointing part of this watch is polycarbonate glass. Although it is coated with a scratch-resistant coating, this polycarbonate glass may scratch over time. In this price range, I certainly hope to have a sapphire crystal. The good news is that Devin is expected to release sapphire crystals for Tread 1 this year... There is no news about pricing, but considering size and shape, it can be quite large. In the back, the company's name and watch model are engraved on a plate. Also on the plate, it is "made in California, USA."

The dial is definitely the best part of this watch... The combination of overall industry, robotics and futuristic appearance with moving belts is so cool. Literally, just like anything else. There are four microstep motors that can move the time zone with surgical precision. Blink, you will miss it, this is the speed at which these belts move! The time belt is made of fiberglass reinforced nylon and is only 0.05 mm (2/1000 inch) thick. This special model has a dust particle in the middle of the dial, and the second belt indicator on the right is slightly higher than the left indicator. Little things, but I like to disclose all good and bad things in my comments. Therefore, a point is deducted for these quality problems.breguet replica

The C version features a soft black rubber strap with a brushed titanium gold DLC coated handle. The texture and appearance on the strap can be improved without a bit of sophistication. In order to be proportional to the case, the strap is also large. At the widest point, the strap measures 39 mm (near the lugs) and then tapers to 30 mm at the buckle. The neatly designed buckle looks great and complements the modern look of the watch. Due to the unique strap design, the aftermarket belt is not suitable for this watch unless you get a highly customizable strap from a talented watchmaker.

During the day, Tread 1 is very easy to read. In fact, it is easy, even my two-year-old daughter can read the time through the big numbers brought by time. But because it has no light source or light source, telling time in the dark is a challenge. A manually activated LED on the watch or a lume on the number will make the watch clearer and easier to read at night.

All functions of the watch are controlled by an oversized crown. After reading the instructions in this manual, I was very impressed with the simplicity of actually operating this watch. The watch can be operated in two modes: silent mode and normal mode. To switch to silent mode, turn the crown counterclockwise and hold until the second hand time zone begins to move (the same process switches back to normal mode). In silent mode, the running second hand time zone is disabled and fixed at "00". This means that the "click" sound per second is now eliminated, so it is called the silent mode. But beyond that, placing your watch in silent mode will extend your power reserve. Unfortunately, even in silent mode, the watch emits a loud sound every minute (when the time band moves). Therefore, if you are in a situation where you need to eliminate this sound, you must "close" Tread 1. To "close" the watch, simply press the crown once (the same process switches back to "on").replica watches for sale

This will move the hour band to "12", the minute band to "00", and the second time band will now show the remaining battery level. To adjust the time, turn the crown clockwise and hold it down until the second hand time zone begins to move. Then, if the crown is turned clockwise again, the minute time band will move in one minute increments. If you hold the crown, the minute time band will move faster to the minute you want. To adjust the hour, it is exactly the same as the minute except that you turn the crown counterclockwise. To exit the time adjustment mode, press the crown once and it will switch back to normal mode. I still can't believe that the operation of this watch is very simple... absolutely wonderful design. In the process of using my watch, all the functions are perfect and time is tight.

Surprisingly, this watch is very comfortable on my 6.5-inch wrist. The curved lugs, the soft rubber strap, the holes in the strap and the buckles all contribute to the overall comfort. The Tread 1 is one of the most comfortable watches I have ever worn (and the largest).

When you consider the amazing engineering, the invisible cool elements of this watch, and the fact that you may never meet another person on the same watch... then it starts to become More reasonable.fake watches

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