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ylq Posted: 06-12-2019 1:59 PM

After graduating from my normal school in 1988, I realized that I was so eager to study, so I missed college so strongly. Two years later, the school had to select two young teachers to go to the City Education Institute to study Newport 100S, but unfortunately I was defeated, and my heart was full of embarrassment. I can't round my college dream. I envy these two colleagues to continue their studies, and I can only surround more than forty first-year children. Endless, long-term. Whenever I have the chance, I will ask my colleagues who are studying. What do you study? What is the course? School work! Activity! Colleagues told me to study pedagogy, boring knit sweaters and so on. The desire in my heart is getting stronger and stronger. Dalian Institute of Education is not only mysterious and sacred, but also self-study exams and adult college entrance examinations. I am not willing to show up with other colleagues to participate in self-study. Self-study exams are required to register, buy books, and attend classes in small towns. Every weekend we have to ride an hour's bicycle, come to the small town, study hard, pay for our own dry food at noon, finish class in the afternoon, ride a bicycle to go home in the twilight. Later, the group teaching in the small town stopped for some reason. I am boring and self-study, and the self-study students who have met each other have borrowed books and materials from each other. Every night I light up at the small table at home, and every day I am in the classroom of the school. In the courtyard of my home, I left my embarrassing book, and the school��s poplar leaves me with a meditation figure. In this way, I continued to hold on for ten years and completed my self-study from junior college to undergraduate. I know that my qualifications are poor. I have always learned only the skin of the knowledge system and stopped at the appearance. But the time of chasing dreams is happy. It is such a deep warmth that is unknowingly hidden in the depths of my memory. Calmly move forward, regardless of whether you are awake and chaotic, or cherish the sorrow, persistently carrying you before the flight, I was fortunate enough to attend the science education training at Dalian Education College, only to know the Dalian Education College, to be able to see it Honor. It turned out to be a five-storey, light-glazed Russian-style building. It looks like a "mountain". It is like a wisdom philosopher. It is quiet and restrained, simple and generous, and is surrounded by new high-rise buildings. It is quietly contemplative. Deep accumulation. I couldn't help but feel a tribute to it, and I felt solemn and dignified. I came to the grand auditorium on the first floor. This grand auditorium is like a cinema without a second floor Newport Cigarettes Coupons. It can accommodate thousands of people in various counties and cities in Dalian. Primary school science teachers have gathered together to listen to the scientific guidance of the scientific researcher and teacher, her knowledge depth and modern teaching philosophy, I am amazed. I listened attentively, from time to time to record a mood, and twice came to the College of Education, to participate in the teaching and research of the Society, and the teacher of the Society, Lin Xiaohong Marlboro Cigarettes, Sven, elegant, quiet, like a quiet bloom in the valley. Lily, fragrant, like the clear spring in the mountains, clear, I can not help but be attracted by the temperament of Lin's moving, but also by her drizzle-like lead and host. Love her, love her subject, and love to listen to her. Every city-level training has benefited me a lot. For many years, I have been self-study and self-study, and ��seeking him in the public�� is always in vain. I need to even have a college of education, like a tree with branches and trees, and the trees are fascinating Marlboro Red, scattered to the educational branches of various counties and districts in Dalian Wholesale Cigarettes, and some grow up as elites in education and teaching, and some grow into education. Leaders on the teaching front, some still quietly working on the three-foot platform, ordinary sand is not part of this tree, but I always have a deep affection for it. Now I often browse the website of Dalian Education College, Dalian Education Network, paying attention to educational development, theoretical update...
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