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mafiacitydd Posted: 07-02-2018 11:33 AM

take me long to fall in love with Mafia Gangster Game. The second mission, in fact. Protagonist Vito Scaletta returns from World War II on a cold winter’s evening and finds himself back in the neighbourhood where he grew up. Dean Martin’s Christmas classic ‘Let It Snow’ plays as he walks the old, snowy streets of Little Italy, reminiscing with faces from his past. Military planes fly overhead, reminding us that the war is far from over. We see couples arguing, kids throwing snowballs, and a guy getting a haircut in a barbershop. It’s a wonderful piece of scene-setting, bringing to life not just a different world but a different time.

Mafia City H5 Game
Mafia City is a rare example of an open-world game where we see two versions of the same city. The first portion of the game takes place in Empire Bay in the 1940s.

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