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zhouyueyue Posted: 12-15-2018 10:48 AM

Chinese President Xi Jinping is looking forward to a “profound exchange of views” with Barack Obama when the two meet for a summit in Washington next week.


Xi’s first formal state visit to the United States is being closely scrutinized for signs the world’s two largest economies can overcome differences and cooperate on global issues.


Xi said he looks forward to discussing “major issues of mutual concern” with Obama Howard Wilson Browns Jersey , but didn’t mention any specific issues in remarks at a China-US business dialogue yesterday.


“I place great importance on this visit and am looking forward to this trip abroad, looking forward to a profound exchange of views with President Obama,” Xi said, adding that he was also anticipating having “broad contact with Americans from all walks of life.”


“I also hope and believe that with our joint efforts my visit will achieve the effect of deepening understanding and friendship between our two peoples and attaining new developments,” Xi said.


Xi and Obama are to meet in Washington next Friday. Xi also is scheduled to visit Seattle and New York Emmanuel Ogbah Browns Jersey , where he is to address the United Nations General Assembly.


The two leaders are expected to discuss trade, North Korea’s nuclear program and Iran, among other issues.


A senior Chinese official said yesterday that Xi and Obama will “frankly communicate” on issues in a bid to reduce misunderstandings and address problems in a “constructive manner.”


China opposes Internet attacks and wants to work with the US in cyberspace but will defend its interests, Assistant Foreign Minister Zheng Zeguang said.


The two countries faced “common challenges” on Internet security, making it especially important for them to increase mutual trust and cooperation in cyberspace Larry Ogunjobi Browns Jersey , Zheng told a briefing on Xi’s US visit.


“At the same time, the Chinese government firmly safeguards its own interests in cyberspace and is resolutely opposed to any statements or actions that harm China’s interests,” Zheng said.


“We can cooperate and we should cooperate,” including on setting international Internet standards, he added.


Law enforcement cooperation is also likely to be on the agenda during Xi’s visit David Njoku Browns Jersey , with China pushing for help in tracking down and repatriating Chinese people in the US wanted in China as part of a crackdown on corruption.


US officials say they are not averse to such cooperation but said China had failed to produce the kind of “evidence” needed under American law to support deportation.


Zheng said China had provided ample evidence. “The name list for recovering dirty officials and dirty assets overseas that China has provided was made after a process of strict verification,” he added.

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