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tujue Posted: 03-14-2019 8:22 AM



BEIJING, Feb. 15 (Xinhua) -- Online sales of China's farm produce continued to grow in 2016 as more farmers take to e-commerce.


Online produce sales are estimated at over 220 billion yuan c. dollars) last year, the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) said in a Tuesday statement.


Agricultural e-commerce has been developing fast with structural reform in the agricultural sector. Online produce sales reached 150 billion yuan in 2015, more than triple that of 2013.


The government started a pilot program in 2014 to digitize agriculture and aims for Internet access in almost all villages by 2020.


Supply-side structural reform in the agricultural sector will generate new development in the sector, according to the "No. 1 central document," the first policy statement from the central authorities this year.


The "No. 1 central document" is the name traditionally given to the first policy statement released by the central authorities in the year and is seen as an indicator of policy priorities


The Sunday Times recently reported that Japan has been paying 10 Maglia Matteo Politano Inter Milano ,000 pounds per month to a British think tank, the Henry Jackson Society (HJS), to hype up "China threat" among British high-level politicians.


The scandal exposed Japan's twisted shrewdness and is a shame on British intellectual and political groups.


According to media reports, the HJS was paid by the Japanese Embassy in London to spread anti-China propaganda, via the conduit of public figures such as Malcolm Rifkind, a former British foreign secretary. Rifkind confirmed that he was approached by the HJS in August 2016 and asked to put his name to an article titled "How China could switch off Britain's lights in a crisis," which criticized Hinkley C, a UK-Chinese nuclear power station.


The practice is a clear violation of social standards and morals. Western media did not follow up on the story and Japanese media remained silent about the news. Such silence is unimaginable if China and Russia were found to have been involved in similar scandals.


The event shows that sabotaging China has been an important mission of Japanese overseas outposts, something China would never do. The behavior reveals the insidiousness and pettiness of Japanese diplomacy, which is humiliating for the entire East Asia.


With 10,000 pounds, the British think tank has sold both its spirit of independence and pride. Or maybe it's because we have overestimated the integrity of the intellectual groups of the UK. We do not know whether the scandal is merely the tip of an iceberg of anti-China drive or an isolated event. We also don't know to what extent the HJS is representative of other think tanks in the UK.


Some criticisms from the West are so obviously absurd and illogical that we can sense the bias or hostility toward China. We don't know why the Western intellectuals who are so keen on advocating a spirit of objectiveness and science have made so many shallow mistakes. Is it because of ideological differences or geopolitical "conspiracies" like the one plotted by the Japanese embassies?


Before and after the US presidential elections, the mainstream Western media were in a war with Donald Trump, showing the hidden "political hand" that was previously unknown to the Chinese audience.


Now, we are shocked to see what a mere sum of 10,000 pounds could do to the British public opinion. We hope that most British people are as angry as we are when they hear the story, and feel uncomfortable about such an inappropriate deal taking place in their own country.


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