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zhouyueyue Posted: 05-16-2019 2:48 PM
Latest PHP Interview questions for freshers and experienced

Posted by phpinterview1991 on November 3rd Authentic Jaleel Johnson Jersey , 2018


PHP Developer interview questions


This set of PHP interview questions is designed to help you during your hiring process for a PHP Developer position in your company.

IntroductionComputer Science questionsRole-specific questionsBehavioral questionsPHP Developer Interview Questions

PHP Developers are part of the Back-end Developers team, writing code for the server side of web applications. They develop back-end components, connect applications with other (often third-party) web services and support the Front-end Developers by integrating their work.


PHP can be quite tricky, therefore you need candidates with a solid technical background and excellent coding skills. Use these questions to determine your candidates’ levels of experience and knowledge and shortlist those who match your specific criteria. You can include an assignment to compliment your hiring process and better evaluate your candidates’ skills.


Candidates who are able to demonstrate a strong passion for programming should stand out. As with all developers roles Authentic Pat Elflein Jersey , it’s important to identify candidates who show a keen interest in attending seminars or reading relevant books. Don’t hesitate to ask about other fun projects they’re likely to get involved with, like game development. This way, you’ll identify candidates who enjoy learning new thing and are driven by curiosity and creativity.

Computer Science questionsWhat’s PEAR in PHP?What’s the difference between the include() and require() functions?What are the differences between PHP constants and variables?What is the difference between an interface and an abstract class?Role-specific questionsWhat error types have you faced and how did you fix them?If you need to generate random numbers in PHP, what method would you follow?How can you get web browser’s details using PHP?How would you set cookies in your website?Are you familiar with SQL? How would you create a MySql database using PHP?What are your duties in the software development lifecycle?Explain how you develop and integrate plugins for PHP frameworks Authentic Danielle Hunter Jersey , like Laravel and Yii.What features would you develop to increase user experience quality? Name any examples you find appropriate.What’s your experience with open source projects like Joomla, Drupal or osCommerce?Can you give some examples of best design and coding practices?How can HTML, CSS, Javascript or AJAX help you when designing a web application?Describe the troubleshooting process you follow when a program doesn’t run properly.Behavioral questionsWhat’s a fun project that you’ve worked on recently?If you could attend any tech seminar Authentic Eric Kendricks Jersey , which one would you choose and why?How do you ensure you discover all current programming trends?Describe a situation where you collaborated with developers and engineers to complete a project. What was your contribution to the team?

PHP Interview Questions and Answers

Business > Small BusinessA Guide to the Plus Size Luxury Lingerie Shopping

Posted by lebustiere in Business on May 24th, 2018




There are rules of dressing everywhere. What we do not get is the rules for plus size lingerie. It gets more mysterious while everyone wants to look sexy, but they do not know how with their plus size bodies. Your comfort and confidence count and should be your ultimate pushing factors whenever you go shopping. Below are some tips that will help you shop for the right lingerie for your plus size body.


Curvy women often feel that it is only lingerie models who look fit and comfortable in lingerie. That is a wrong misconception since you only need to face it head-on. Look for the garment that fits well and make it your comeback. Whether you buy luxury lingerie, but it is binding Authentic Trae Waynes Jersey , digging in, or sitting awkwardly, you will feel uncomfortable without a doubt. Therefore, the advice you will get here is to look for that set that makes you feel beautiful Authentic Laquon Treadwell Jersey , whether it is your favorite color, pattern, style, or a print reminding you of your first date.


You are sitting there while your friends are making out either in a swimming pool or a beach but you are not confident enough? That is because you wore something that emphasizes the wrong parts. If you do not want to draw attention to the wrong parts of your body Authentic Ben Gedeon Jersey , find something that highlights a different part. For instance, some of us are not comfortable with their thighs because they have some cellulite or have stretch marks. What would you do in such cases? If you love your butt instead, look for something that is a showstopper with some detailing and intricacy on the back.


When it comes to fabrics that you want to sculpture and shape you, go for strong and technical ones. With emerging and advancing technology Authentic Dalvin Cook Jersey , lingerie sets are made with shaping and breathability capabilities. There are also sexier garments with a touch of silk and laces to make every wearer comfortable. Whether you are plus size, medium, or small sized, there is something for everyone.


Now that you got an idea of what to look for to feel comfortable and confident of your plus size Authentic Anthony Barr Jersey , why not shed down the fears? Lo. cheap nike shoes   cheap nike shoes   Cheap Authentic Jerseys   Cheap Jerseys From China   Cheap NHL Jerseys Online   Cheap Baseball Jerseys Wholesale   Cheap Authentic NFL Jerseys   Cheap Football Jerseys   Wholesale College Baseball Jerseys   Cheap Basketball Jerseys Wholesale

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