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ylq Posted: 06-12-2019 1:59 PM

When I first joined the work, I was a "democracy life meeting". At the end of the year, everyone sat together and carried out "criticism and self-criticism." There is a self-review of my dear friend: "Learning is not hard enough, reading a book, watching a newspaper, reading a newspaper..." I feel that the statement is novel. In fact, everyone is the same, who can buy books that can be read? In addition to the "New Year's Day editorial" and "Liang Xiao" masterpieces, the articles in the newspapers can be seen in the articles. Reading the newspapers is also a kind of study. If the topics are much more, you can also see some doorways. Recently, I have visited the "XX Daily" in recent years and found an interesting phenomenon: whenever the new secretary takes office, the officials of the region and the United States will flock to the area where the new secretary has served. Instead of going quietly Marlboro Lights, returning quietly. It��s a big fanfare, and it��s back in the wind. I also want to publicize the report in the newspaper, saying that I have learned the truth and the harvest is quite rich. If the writing is good, it is necessary to publish the seven or eight of the "sense" in the newspapers. It is also very lively to have a few new secretaries. The secretary has exchanged for diligence, and the city to study and study has been exchanged for diligence. Is it true that the state (taxpayer) spends money and is happy? There is only a kind of "you sing me to debut" taste, adding a feeling of coolness in the world. I have contacted some officials who participated in the study. Sometimes I also spoke the truth: experience is so easy to learn, but it is about understanding the new secretary. The idea is gone. In fact, this is only a half-truth, understand the idea of ??the new secretary, and see if the new secretary��s speech is not enough. Why bother Ma Longton? In the end, I want to understand the new secretary's temperament and principle, and see what he likes and what he doesn't like Marlboro Cigarettes, so that he can vote for it. I prefer to listen to the truth of a straightforward friend: look for friends and relatives of the new secretary to see if you can take care of it. In fact, it is no wonder that these officials are not able to rise to the height of moral quality to judge them. Now the official culture is like this. "People are in the rivers and lakes, they are involuntarily", and "black silk hats" are held in the hands of others. Although this phenomenon cannot be tortured to the officials' morality, it has a certain relationship with the value orientation of the officials. Now, some people refer to being an official. In fact Cigarettes For Sale, this is a misunderstanding. There is a fundamental difference in the value orientation between the official and the political. "Being an official" - the standard of the basic care and behavior choice based on the official position itself. What to think, what to say, and what to do are decided according to the situation of the officialdom. Everything is centered around the promotion of the official. People who "do the official" generally do not pay attention to the moral bottom line, and they can use whatever means to promote the official. It is inevitable that the trend will be attached to the trend and the people will be clouded. "Political" - the pursuit of certain political values ??and social ideals, its behavior pays more attention to social historical responsibility, and has certain principles in dealing with problems. Because of the pursuit of certain political goals in the heart, this pursuit is embodied in a spirit. The realm of "being an official" and "governing politics" cannot be compared. There are more people who "do the official" in the political arena of an era, and there are more people who are responsible for their official duties. There are fewer people in politics, and fewer people are truly responsible for society Newport Cigarettes. Then, the political clarity of this society is hard to say that such a swarm of investigations, does it mean the deterioration of political ecology and the decline of official morality? We don't know. But one thing is certain. The motivation to examine learners is mostly to express an attitude towards the new secretary, not a "positive energy." What kind of attitude does the new secretary hold about this, is it encouraging? stand by? acquiescence? Do not think so? We don't know. One thing is certain, if it is like some people say, "Whoever went there did not remember Parliament Cigarettes, who did not remember." I am afraid that the next time I change the new secretary, the hot spots for study and study will have to be changed.
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