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  • 08-03-2009
  • Help stop global warming at work

    Here is simple things you can do at work to reduce your contribution to global warming:

    Get large LCD monitors.

    Avoid printing things. I suspect most people print things more out of habit than necessity.

    Good quality large LCD monitors are available now at great prices. Consider upgrading all your monitors to 19″ or larger LCDs. That way, you can read emails, documents, and web pages comfortably on-screen. Pivotable displays are even better - they are LCDs you can turn 90°, and on a 19″ or larger screen you are effectively seeing a whole A4 page at actual size.

    LCD monitors also use less power than CRT monitors.

    If you are still using a CRT monitor, make sure you set the Screen Refresh Rate to 75Hz or greater. Many people still have their monitors set to 60Hz (the default). At this refresh rate, the screen flickering will lead to fatigue and headaches. In Windows, go to Start/Settings/Control Panel/Display/Settings tab/Advanced button/Monitor tab. If you are already using LCD monitors, ignore this paragraph. LCD uses a different way to display images on-screen and the refresh rate in the context of CRTs is irrelevant.

  • 06-27-2009
  • Save the Planet: Eat Kangaroo

    Top Australian government climate change adviser, Professor Ross Garnaut, has confirmed that eating Kangaroos instead of sheep and cattle would lead to a positive climate change effect. Methane gas from cattle and sheep farts and belches are responsible for a large amount of Australia’s greenhouse gas emission total. Kangaroos, which emit very little gas, are a viable alternative to a more greenhouse friendly livestock.

    Professor Garnaut states that Kangaroos were the main source of meat in Australia for 60,000 years before the introduction of cattle and sheep. Kangaroos are currently culled in Australia because they compete for food with farmed livestock. Their meat is then on sold as pet food. This leads to a social hurdle in the promotion of kangaroo meat as it is often considered of a lesser quality than sheep and cattle meat.

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