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  • 10-17-2012
  • International Youth Conference on Human Development

    International Youth conference on Human Development

    Youth conference is a part of 8th Global Conference on Human Development. Youth should be the major change agent of our society so we decided to organize a conference basically concerning on the vibrant youth issues both in local and international context. This youth conference on Human Development offers a unique opportunity for young people around the world to encounter with youths form other part of the world. We believe this conference is the platform to have dialogue to identify the way out for the youth leadership to institutionalize the

    Sustainable Change in every aspect of Human Development.



    ·         Exploring the new arena of youth leadership on Human Development.

    ·         Identifying the way forward to human development to assure mutual understanding and coexistence, challenges and opportunities for youth leadership.

    ·         Institutionalizing the sustainable change via vibrant dialogues amongst youth leaders all over the world.


    Major Thematic Issues to be dialogued


    1.      Promoting  Youth Leadership for Change (Leadership)

    The main focus of this theme is to engage youth in the decision making processes.  To ensure sustainable change, we must champion the involvement of our youth in every aspects of human development.  We, as youth, can bring about real change by unleashing our pivotal role as change agents in society. 


    2.      Visioning Sustainable Planet Earth (Planet Earth)

    The primary suffering the earth is facing today is changing climate due to environmental degradations caused by human activities.  Today’s youth are in crucial need of identifying, discovering, and creating ways to tackle these issues.  How we can keep our earth sustained for generations to come while maintaining the same pace of economic development? This has become the prime matter of anxiety for the today’s youth. We have to discover and create effective solutions for assuring sustainable changes both in financial and environmental aspects to be responsible and productive citizens of the world.  


    3.      Rising influence of Social Networking Sites and its Impacts on Youth (Peace and Good Governance as a Communication Platform, and Expanding Open/Online Education)

    The trends of globalization and information technological developments are creating the rapid changes in social lives via various social networking sites and digital technologies. Youth are a primary community attracted by the glamour of IT social network communication. Due to this rapid development of technologies, and youth’s attraction to these technologies, the whole earth is appearing as a small village. The arguments both for, and against the affects of these technologies in youth’s minds is a vibrant discussion and opportunity for building communication links and developing skill and knowledge acquisition. 


    4.      Encouraging  Youth Volunteerism for the Local Development (Comprehensive Development and Resource Development)

    The communities on earth no longer remain single cultural entities; hence our multicultural reality around the world is growing rapidly. To insure a harmonious earth, youth can give our efforts for the local development by promoting volunteerism amongst all the youth. Youth volunteers can contribute for the cultural exchanges and mutual understanding.  Moreover the volunteer youth can play a crucial role for local change by applying and cultivating their shared expertise as interns and entrepreneurs in today’s society.

    Leadership, Education, Peace and Good Governance, Planet Earth, Comprehensive Development, and Resources


    Virtual Conference:

    Virtual Conference aims to invite people from around the world who wish to participate in the conference for some reasons. People who may not be able to come to the conference will have an opportunity to participate online. Till this date around 100 participants all over the world registered their name for their virtual participation in the conference.


    Exhibition and Post Conference Activities:

    NGOs and other organization may demonstrate and sell their products through their stalls during the conference. Post conference activities including sightseeing and trekking trips will give access to the best of Nepal to our global participation.

    Conference Participants

    The conference will provide the common platform and will bring together international and national intellectuals, government and non-government officials, diplomats, politicians, leaders, business professionals, social workers, youths, students, and anyone interested in the human development issues by exploring the youths role in mainstream development.


    Expected Number of Participants

    We are expecting over 120 attendees all over the world. The conference is being promoted through website, email, trade publication, and extensive emails.


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