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Fine I am going to write something about myself..But I don’t need to explain as my buddies know me very well before i drop a single word So Let me tell some few words not for you Fellow but for stranger..

I am well know for my stupidity and attitude among my buddy!! If you are thinking what attitude is than come to me I will show you ૅ.ે :P

What I think about myself is I am good better best smart feminine well cultured at the same time cranky crazy weird sometime wicked etc etc etc. OK !! Wait I am stopping rating myself on the scales of social definitions. I smile laugh but the most important part of mine is I make other Laugh too someone don't like it. That doesn't affect me because I have no time to care about those ***...

In one word, I am not lucky but blessed for what I have and who I am for which I have to renounce myself super Blissful and Cherish and thank my parents ♥ for putting me in this wonderful world to fight the battle of life..

Yes I love changes and surprises but it does not always mean closing a door and go through window... Its sometime means opening the or same other rather than waiting for someone to open. Its Simply, crossing over.

Liverpool is my religion, Anfield is my temple , Gerrard is my GOD...!!
Blood is Red for a Reason!
ynwa jft'96 t

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