• Digital Citizenship and Creative Content Training at KCM

    A Digital Citizenship and Creative Content Training was organized at KCM by the Microsoft Nepal. It was a four day long training dating August 9 to August 12. We had about 40 participants which included students and faculties from different colleges of Nepal (Kathmandu). We started the program with simple questions like what is intellectual property
    Posted to Sabina (Weblog) by sabina on 08-12-2009
  • INSTALL FEST at Kathmandu Engineering College

    After a long wait, finally Install Fest was organized at KEC. Install fest at Thapathali Campus was an inspiration for all the MSPs and since then I was eagerly waiting for the day when it will happen at my college too. With the thought of reaching to greater number of students, we planned to combine our Install Fest with Drishti, which is a three day
    Posted to Sabina (Weblog) by sabina on 07-14-2009
  • Deepzooming your photographs

    We all are aware of the fact that as we zoom out our photographs, the pixel breaks and we are no longer able to have a clear view. But, now with the help of a new technology called deepzoom, you will able to zoom in and zoom out your pictures to any extent, and still very comfortable to the eyes. You can also create a composition using a large collection
    Posted to Sabina (Weblog) by sabina on 05-31-2009
  • Uploading photos using Windows Live Photo Gallery

    Life is full of memories, and Photos and videos is the best way to bring these moments alive again. Sharing our beautiful moments with our family and friends is all the fun. And, in today’s era, everything happens online. You don’t have to carry the photographs or videos along, or your family and friends don’t have to wait to come
    Posted to Sabina (Weblog) by sabina on 05-29-2009
  • Asking for or helping other via Windows Remote Assistance??

    Every now and then, you face problems while computing. You might be in need of an instant help and your friend might have the solution to your problem. But, what if you don’t get what he is actually trying to explain you and you are still stuck with the problem. Well, Windows Remote Assistance is the perfect solution. Recently, I got my problem
    Posted to Sabina (Weblog) by sabina on 05-27-2009
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